CityAge Speakers Include


Build the Future
April 25 & 26, 2017
San Diego Public Library
San Diego, CA

The business of city-building is essential to competing in our global economy. Successful urban regions must establish partnerships among business, universities and civil society that catalyze economic growth, build social and environmental resiliency and implement the urban design that attracts talented people to their city.

CityAge: San Diego will profile the business of city building on April 25 & 26, 2017

Join us at CityAge: Build the Future in San Diego on April 25 & 26 to learn more from the visionaries shaping this business. The event will build on prior over 30 prior editions across the United States, Canada, London and Hong Kong over which over 5,000 leaders have gathered to chart our urban future.

Cities are where the solutions to this century’s challenges will emerge. How should regions position their brands to compete in a global market? How can new investments in sustainability drive an economic development agenda?  What are the partnerships necessary to build an inclusive innovation economy? How must we address the affordability challenge?

The audience will involve a select network of up to two hundred city leaders in investment, design, government and research from across the country. We hope you can join us.

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Day 1 ~ April 25, 2017

1:00 pm     Registration, welcome refreshments and networking

2:00 pm     Conference Opening Remarks by Event MCs:   Lynda Martin and Katy Temple, News Anchors

2:10 pm     Conference Welcome:    Jerry Sanders, President and CEO, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

2:20 pm     Session 1:       Brands and the Business of City Building
Urban regions compete in a global market, and need to project their brands both nationally and globally. How can regions best leverage their business networks and key institutions to build a brand and drive economic growth? What is the importance of investments in urban design, place-making and livability to this effort? What is the role of a regional brand in city building and economic development?

  • Mark Cafferty, President & CEO, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation
  • Adriana Eguia Alaniz, Executive Director, Tijuana Economic Development Corporation 
  • Brad Ferguson, President and CEO, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation
            Panel Chair: Jeff Light, Publisher and Editor, San Diego Union Tribune

3:10 pm     Fred Ellermeier, Vice President, Smart and Integrated Infrastructure, Black and Veatch (Kansas City, MO)

3:30 pm     Session 2:        Financing the Future
This session will review the new models of investment and urban development creating value in American cities. How can private capital best be leveraged to improve our infrastructure? What are the best case studies of new partnerships that will shape the next generation of urban economic development?

  • Naomi Kelly, City Administrator, City of San Francisco, CA
  • Reginald Jones, President & CEO, Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation
  • Alex Pazuchanics, Policy Advisor, City of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Nancee Trombley, Chief Deputy Executive Director, California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank
              Panel Chair: Clinton Moloney, Managing Director, Sustainable Business Solutions, PwC

4:15 pm     Rear Admiral Yancy Lindsey, Commander, Navy Region Southwest, U.S. Navy

4:35 pm – 6:15 pm     Reception on the Outer Terrace

Day 2 ~ April 26, 2017

8:00 am      Breakfast Served

8:45 am      Day 2 Welcome by Event MC

8:50 am      Session 3:       Data Cities: The New Imperative
The challenges of urban operations and increasing citizen demand for more efficient and responsive service delivery are combining to require new models of partnership. At the same time, the rise of big data and new technologies provide us with new tools. What are the best practices in this area? How do smart partnerships facilitate better social health and economic development? How can data help us design better cities?

  • Nick Macchione, Director, Health and Human Services Agency, County of San Diego
  • Elizabeth Fretwell, City Manager, City of Las Vegas, NV
  • Peter Callstrom, President & CEO, San Diego Workforce Partnership
  • Bill York, Executive Vice President, 2-1-1 San Diego
           Panel Chair: Rick Cole, City Manager, City of Santa Monica, CA

9:40 am      Kevin Faulconer, Mayor, City of San Diego, CA      

10:00 am    Yehudi Gaffen, CEO, Gafcon

10:20 am    Mary Walshok, Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Programs, Dean of Extension at the University of California San Diego

10:40 am    Morning Break

11:00 am    Session 4:       Partnerships to Build the Future City
Building the city of the future will be more reliant than ever on smart partnerships with the private sector and an integrated planning and development process. What are the cutting-edge partnerships in construction, development and technology that are building more prosperous cities? What is the role of different levels of government and the private sector? What types of economic development opportunities lie in the future of sustainable urban development?

  • Randa Coniglio, President & CEO, Port of San Diego
  • Yehudi Gaffen, CEO, Gafcon
  • Gary Halbert, City Manager, City of Chula Vista, CA
  • David Graham, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, City of San Diego
            Panel Chair: Clinton Robinson, Associate Vice President and Director, State and Local Affairs, Black & Veatch

11:45 am    Derrick Choi and Michael Lockwood, Principals, Populous

12:05 pm    Lunch

1:05 pm     Session 5:        The Business of Housing
The San Diego region will add a million more residents by 2050. How can we ensure San Diego – and other fast growing cities across the United States - have the appropriate housing stock for their demographic futures? This session will look at the policies and investments necessary to tackle increasing concerns about affordability and encourage an increase in housing construction and supply.

  • Samuel Assefa, Director of Planning and Community Development, City of Seattle
  • Marco Sessa, Senior Vice President, Sudberry Properties
  • Lori Pfeiler, President & CEO, San Diego Habitat for Humanity
  • Lynn Reaser, Chief Economist, Fermanian Business & Economic Institute, Point Loma Nazarene University
           Panel Chair: Roger Showley, Reporter, San Diego Union Tribune

1:50 pm    Wellington Reiter, Senior Advisor to the President, Arizona State University (Phoenix, AZ)

2:10 pm    Session 6:        The Idea City: Innovation and Urban Universities
In an era when producing knowledge matters more to the economy than ever before, how can universities produce the skills, ideas and partnerships needed to make our cities globally competitive, livable and inclusive? How can cities partner with leading knowledge institutions to build the future?

  • Rebecca Bagley, Vice Chancellor for Economic Partnerships, University of Pittsburgh, PA
  • Ben Dalton, Principal The Miller Hull Partnership
  • Erik Caldwell, Economic Development Director, City of San Diego, CA
          Panel Chair: Greg McKee, President & CEO, CONNECT

2:55 pm    Session 7:        The State of Smart Cities
Cities around the world are implementing new technology to improve services, promote economic development, improve transportation and increase livability. What’s the link between transportation technology, smart cities and climate change? Where is the cutting edge of the technologies capable of improving urban life? What are the financial models that can implement them, and how should private sector partnerships be structured?

  • Jim Parajon, Deputy City Manager, City of Arlington, TX
  • Loreana Marciante, Project Manager, Smart City Challenge, Vulcan (Seattle, WA)
  • David Dekozan, Vice President, Business Development, NAM West, Cubic Transportation Systems
  • Scott Crider, Vice President, Customer Services, SDG&E
          Panel Chair: Jason Anderson, President and CEO, Cleantech San Diego

3:45 pm    Conference Close